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We, the Austrian company SIGNUM-SIEBDRUCK, are continuously improving the market success of our customers. This is possible thanks to active on-site advice and strategic investments in modern machinery. The finest in hi-tech. This puts us in an excellent position in terms of technology. And we have built up comprehensive expertise over the decades, which you are sure to appreciate.

In addition to this, there is our unique, complete service for all kinds of promotional displays:
From design consulting, CAD support, development, printing and finishing to storage and logistics. For Austria and the whole of Europe. We can handle smaller, bigger, and even huge orders. Ideal for everyone, from SMEs to global market leaders. Try us out, compare us with other companies and you’ll certainly be convinced by us.

Benefit from our abilities

Efficient production, precise workflow, first-class quality, worldwide logistics.

Expect more

Everything is possible. Displays from A to Z
You can always rely on SIGNUM
Large quantities in a short time and formats up to XXL

We put our customers’ personal experience with Signum first.

At Signum EVERYTHING is possible: This is good news for some of Europe’s biggest brands, trading firms and advertising agencies.

  • Certainty
  • Full Service
  • Top quality
  • Everything is possible
  • Promptness


Words need to be backed up by deeds. We also want to improve the world and do the right thing. Our unique screen washing plant with its closed recycling circuit is a custom-built system by Zentner. The acquisition costs were extremely high, but it is good for the environment and good for saving costs in terms of cleaning agents.

In this way, the waste of raw materials can be avoided. Ultimately, this also benefits our customers, as this is reflected in the prices.

When it comes to UV inks, we only use those with environmental certificates, which contain no heavy metals or solvents (green ink).


And a heat exchanger converts exhaust air from the printing machines into heating energy for the huge production hall, which in turn reduces the CO2 burden on the environment and saves on energy costs.