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Screen printing or digital printing

Screen printing,
often the first choice for many projects. DIGITAL PRINTING, THE BEST ALTERNATIVE.

Thanks to its technological lead, Signum satisfies the demanding requirements of branded articles in both printing techniques.
The reasons are the numerous advantages of modern screen printing, such as optimal tonal values, the possibility of using special inks, the legendary brilliance of the colours and resistance to fading. Another important factor is that line print and metallic effects are possible, and all pantone colours can be used.
Modern screen printing is also environmentally friendly and is characterised by its value for money.
Thanks to leading technology, three production lines with five modern UV printing stations ensure rapid processing times. Top quality included. There is screen printing and then there is Signum screen printing quality.

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It is all about which solution is best.

Parallel to screen printing, innovative digital printing has developed in importance. Ideal for small print runs, mutations and special formats.
The latest printer generation is fast and achieves an image quality which was unthinkable until very recently.
At Signum all these benefits are at your disposal.
Our most modern digital printing machines come from Durst Phototechnik.
They offer state-of-the-art technology, incredibly fast processing times, mega-formats, and the world’s best printing quality.

There is screen printing and then there is
Signum screen printing quality.