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Brands with strong advertising signals will prevail, even in the darkest product jungle at the POS.

New research methods also explain why it is worth investing in advertising signals. Neuromarketing shows that purchasing decisions are only made once customers are already in the  shop. The consequence of increasing market saturation is that people only buy what attracts their attention at the POS.


In other words:
Visual perception is the marketing key to sales success.
And the trend is rising!


Neuromarketing shows how POS advertising positively stimulates limbic instructions in the brain. The product claim, the decisive impulse to buy, is best placed at the point of sale, because it can be swiftly acted upon here.

Advertising at the POS also has an effect when the customer intends to buy later (future behaviour) or has already bought the product: reduction of cognitive dissonance and recommendation, general presence and increased familiarity of the brand, brand loyalty, gaining of regular customers (lifetime), higher purchase values in the long term.

Advertising at the POS

is advertising without waste.

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The expectations
customers have of customer
experience are increasing.



Scoring points with strong advertising signals: more than ever, the customer is king. Customer focus is therefore the first marketing criterion.

This can primarily be seen at the POS. It is always worth investing there. The goals are achievable: brand loyalty, customer lifetime loyalty, higher purchasing values.

Advertising at the POS is also highly effective if the customer intends to buy later (future behaviour) or has already bought the product. It creates a reduction of cognitive dissonance and increases recommendation, general presence and familiarity of the brand.